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Orange County's Top Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Treatment Clinic

Are you living with ADHD, or are you feeling desperate because you have a partner or a loved who has this condition?

Perhaps you have thought about seeing a doctor ADHD. If inattentiveness and hyperactivity is simply making it too difficult to perform at work or school at your best, it may be time for you to see a doctor about ADHD.

Although ADHD is not necessarily a problem, the average uninformed patient is not well educated on how to adjust their lifestyle and studying or work strategys to accomodate for themselves. We have learned that well educated and treated patients function much better than their non-ADHD relatives and friends once they begin treatment and become well educated.

We have a custom balanced program designed for each patient - plans for treatment differ but do share similiar assessments, monthly evaluations, consultations and counseling. Our integrative apporach makes sure we cover your needs completely - with the uptmost care and compassion.


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